H-5 Mandola tops and backs.  Click on image to see Mandola Gallery.
Exact cnc carving on F-5 scroll does nearly all the work.  Click on the image above to see Mandolin Gallery.
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Christopher Bass Guitar
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Mandolin/Mandola and Archtop Guitar

CNC Carving Service

How long are you going to let that beautiful piece of spruce or curly maple just sit there waiting for you to turn it into a mandolin, mandola or archtop guitar because you're worried you'll ruin it?  You supply the wood and Smith Creek precisely carves your plates.  Whether you are building your first instrument or build a dozen or more a year, having your plates cnc carved just makes sense.  Click HERE for more information.

Wayne Johnson of Santa Rosa, CA built this guitar using Smith Creek CNC carved archtop guitar plates.  Beautiful job!

-Designed to work perfectly with Benedetto Archtop Guitar plans.

F-5 Mandolin and H-5 Mandola

Inside Body Mold & Template Sets

Why use an Inside Mold?
In the words of several recent customers:


Matt: Just wanted to give you positive feedback on the body mold/template set! It's great, so much better than the outside mold I've been struggling with! Thanks again for your guidance and words of wisdom. (I swear on a bible, I did not add the "wisdom" part myself!)

Joe:  SWEET!  Did the rims for each the last couple days.  They work great compared to the siminoff mold which takes 3 hands and never comes out quite right.  Thanks-  It was worth the price!

Bo:  BTW, I made a Siminoff-style outside rim form, and man, are you ever right - it's nearly impossible to get everything in the right place and the sides butted up properly to the blocks. What a PITA. For Mandola #2 I'm definitely going to use the violin-style fixture you recommend.

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for a Photo Tutorial on how to use.

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Mandolin and Mandola Photo Album
Both Instruments were built using the same CNC carved plates sold here.
Loar A-5 Plates
Also know as the "Griffith Loar" or "Tut Taylor A-5", these plates are carved to accurately replicate this one of a kind instrument.
Avaialble HERE


Everett Guitars, mandolin and mandola

TWINS!!!  Some fine work by Paul Wilkinson from Perth, Australia