The Christopher Double-Bass Guitar:
Designed and built to answer the age old question, "how can
I make my electric bass sound like a double bass?"

The DBG is a fully carved, arcthop acoustic bass
with a 34" scale lenth.  It uses real double bass
strings and a state of the art dual piezo pickup
and pre-amp system to capture as much
double-bass tone and feel as possible into
an electric bass sized instrument

-Carved Red Spruce Top and Curly Red Maple Back
-Ebony Fingerboard, Bridge, Tailpiece and Head Plate
-D'Addario Helicore Double Bass Strings
-Dual Piezo Pickups with On-board Preamp
-Genuine Mother of Pearl Inlay (not decal)
-Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish

Bass Gear Magazine Review:
The Christopher Bass DBG is wonderfully innovative, but also
makes so much sense. It absolutely delivers on its design goals
– to offer the tone and feel of an upright in an “electric bass
sized” package – and it is flat-out enthralling to play. The tone,
both amplified and acoustic, is as impressive as its looks. The
quality of construction is at a very high level, and considering the
amount of effort and hours that go into building an instrument
like this, the price is extremely reasonable. This is an amazing
instrument, from any angle.


Review and Demo, by Steve Araujo at "The Bass Hang"