Warranty Information

How to Order

Give me a call or send an email.  There are several instrument currently available and ready to ship.  I can send photos, provide details and give you a price for each instrument based on the options.

If none of the currently available instruments are what you are looking for we can get started on your semi-custom build.  A $100 deposit is required to commission a bass.  That's right, no huge deposit.  Just a small down payment to make sure you are serious about buying a bass, because I'm serious about building it.

Pay the balance when the bass is ready to ship:
Once you bass is started it takes roughly three months to build.  The balance is payable by certified bank check, credit card or paypal.  If the buyer pays the balance with credit card or paypal, buyer will be charged 3% processing fee.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Christopher Bass Guitar DBG comes with lifetime (of builder) warranty of workmanship and materials. Nut, saddle, strings and finish not warrantied. Warranty does not cover abuse or misuse. Tuners warrantied 2 years. Electronics guaranteed 1 year, warranty through K&K Sound. Gig-Bag Warrantied through Studio Slips LLC, Hardshell case warrantied through G&G case company.

In the event warranty work is needed customer will pay all shipping costs including insurance for full cost of bass to builder. Builder will pay shipping cost to return bass to buyer.

Does Master Grade Wood Sound the Best?
No.  The difference between A-grade and Master Grade wood is cosmetic not tonal.  All tops are made from Adirondack Red Spruce that I cut and dry myself.  Higher grade tops have more even color and the grain is more even and straight.  Backs are Curly Soft Maple.  Higher grades have more figure, better color and little to no imperfections.

The DBG is a fully acoustic instrument, so the type and quality of wood is critical to the sound, and every bass is built using wood with the highest quality sound potential.  The best looking and most expensive wood does not sound any better than the less expensive wood.  An A-grade top and back will sound just as good as a Master Grade top and back.

So, if you are someone that likes beautiful fancy wood, splurge on the Master Grade!  But rest assured no matter what you decide you will have an awesome sounding instrument!
A-Grade                                                                       Master Grade
What is the difference between the DBG and other "hollow-body" basses?
Most hollow body basses are plain old electric basses in disguise.  Some or all of the sides may be hollow, but there is still a solid block of wood the full thickness of the instrument under the bridge.  Sometimes it runs from the bridge to the tail, sometimes all the way from the neck to the tail.

Long story short, mounting the bridge to that block stops the top from vibrating.  This violates the most basic concept underlying acoustic instruments which is the strings vibrate, the vibrations are passes through the bridge to the top, causing the top to vibrate and produce sound.  At best, the "hollow-body" on that type of instrument may influence the tone to some degree, but the top is not creating the sound.

On the other hand, the DBG is a fully acoustic instrument built in the same manner as a double bass.  There is no block of wood supporting the top under the bridge.  The top is designed and carved to fully support the pressure of the strings, while at the same time vibrate freely.  The top on the DBG does not merely influence the sound of the bass, it creates the sound of the bass, giving the DBG a rich, fully acoustic tone.