H-5 Mandola tops and backs.  Click on image to see Mandola Gallery.
Exact cnc carving on F-5 scroll does nearly all the work.  Click on the image above to see Mandolin Gallery.
F-5 Inside Body Mold and Template Set
Used by violin builder for centuries, not only is the inside body mold the simplest method for building a rim set, it also gives the best results.  Using an inside body mold ensures that the blocks are exactly where they should be and makes bending sides and assembly much easier.
Click HERE to for photos and instructions on using and inside body mold.
F-5 Mandolin Inside Body Mold and Template Set:
-3/4" Baltic Birch Plywood Inside Mold
-Full Body Template with F-holes and tone bars
-Inside Body Mold Template
-Headstock Template
-F-5 Mandolin Plans, folded.  These are original plans based on the study of ten Loar signed F-5 instruments.

ONE SET LEFT: I have one mandolin plan/template set left in stock and don't plan to make any more.  I took the paypal link down so I don't sell more than one and have to refund.  If you would like the last set email me at dave@smithcreekmandolin.com