H-5 Mandola tops and backs.  Click on image to see Mandola Gallery.
Exact cnc carving on F-5 scroll does nearly all the work.  Click on the image above to see Mandolin Gallery.
SALE: Red Spruce Guitar Tops
Time to move a lot of beautiful tops I've had on the shelf for over a decade.
Example pictures and prices HERE

Click on the links below:
CNC Carving Service - send your wood to Smith Creek to have cnc carved
Mold and Template Set for F-5 Mandolin

Free Plans:
The F-5 plans are detailed drawings made from studying nine Loar signed mandolins.  The H-5 was drawn after studying one of only a handful of signed Loar instruments.  The A-5 plans can be used along with F-5 plans to build a replica of the only Loar signed A-5.