H-5 Mandola tops and backs.  Click on image to see Mandola Gallery.
Exact cnc carving on F-5 scroll does nearly all the work.  Click on the image above to see Mandolin Gallery.
Smith Creek Mandolin is moving to VT this Summer and the shop will be closed.  I will update this page when I reopen and expect it to be some time in early 2022.
CNC Carved Mandolin Plates
CNC Carving Service - Mandolin, Mandola and Archtop Guitar.  Send your wood to Smith Creek to have it cnc carved.
Changes in 2020:
Over the course of 2020 Smith Creek will be transitioning away from providing wood for CNC carved plates and will only offer CNC carving services for wood you provide.  As always, if you have wood just send it in for carving. 

If you don't have wood I am happy to recommend Old Standard Wood (click on link) as a supplier.  John Griffin has sent me many sets of wood over the years and it has consistently been high quality at a good price.  John will send it directly to me and once the plates are carved I will deliver it to you.

The good news for you is I would like to move the plates currently listed and prices have been lowered on both tops and backs.  Get 'em while they last!
Red Spruce Guitar Tops
Sale Prices!  Time to move a lot of beautiful tops I've had on the shelf for over a decade.
Example pictures and prices HERE
Free Plans:
The F-5 plans are detailed drawings made from studying nine Loar signed mandolins.  The H-5 was drawn after studying one of only a handful of signed Loar instruments.  The A-5 plans can be used along with F-5 plans to build a replica of the only Loar signed A-5.